Return Policy


Direct Franchisee/Distributors will be given one (1) to six (6) days upon receiving date to check
the quantity and quality of their Purchased Products.

Direct Distributor/ Franchisee may return a product for exchange / replacement seven (7) days
from the date they received the item.

To return an item/product, Direct Distributor/ Franchisee must file a Product Return Request
attached with the invoice/delivery receipt.

Product Return Request Form may be found on our website.

Product Return Request

Only product/s meeting all proper criteria are eligible for return/exchange.

a. Products must have been purchased directly to Brilliant Skin Essentials, Inc. (BSEI)
Manufacturing Plant
b. Reasons of returns should only be:
i. Wrong item delivered.
Item received is the customer ordered.
ii. Faulty/Damage/Defective Product.

Product returned that does not meet the criteria of this policy will not be
replaced/refunded/exchange and no payment will be issued.

The following list of non-returnable items is for example only, and shall not be construed as an all inclusive list:

a. Product/s with inherent characteristics because of improper storage.
b. Product/s damaged by fire, smoke, water, or other influences beyond BSEI’s control.
c. Product involved in sacrifice, fire, or bankruptcy sales.
d. Adulterated Product.
e. Product/s that are not purchased directly from BSEI.
f. Products/s ordered/shipped in error but not reported within seven (7) days.

Clients should initially shoulder the transportation charges and take full responsibility for the risk of loss on all return shipments.

Initial transportation charges are subject for refund if the management was proven accountable for returned goods.

The returns should be shipped to this address:
#35 J. Sta. Catalina St., Sitio Caingin,
Brgy. San Juan, Morong Rizal
Philippines 1960

BSEI reserved the right to limit or decline returns or exchanges regardless of whether the customer has a receipt.

BSEI reserves the right to change our return policies and/or reject any exchange requests for any reason without prior notice.

Should there be any dispute, BSEI’s decision will be final.

BSEI shall accept upon their return the goods that are in the original and undamaged (i.e.
unopened) packaging and in the condition that they were delivered to the Customer, meaning
that they do not show marks of wear and tear;

BSEI reserves the right not to refund/exchange the goods that are dirty, scratched, dented, or
shows signs of having been washed.

Returned items must be in their original packaging. Incomplete returns may be refused or

Changes to Terms and Conditions of Sale
The Terms and Conditions of Sales are subject to change at any time at the discretion of BSEI.

All orders for Products are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sales in effect on the date of the order.

All requests are subject to a return verification process of 7-15 days.